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About the Author/Photographer/Realtor - Carmine L. Calabro Jr. - LSA - First Hampton International Real Estate - WHB


I have several years formal experience in the Hampton Real Estate markets, as of late, having retired after 20 years as a professional market, advertising and public-opinion researcher.  15 years were spent managing a world-class consulting business.  I completed post-secondary and graduate education in social sciences during the 1980s.  Some 30 years ago, I worked as an onsite manager and in-house sales person for spec builders in the Greater Brookville market (in the early 1970s).  Homes then selling for $500 thousand are now selling for over $15 million.  A box ad in the New York Times Sunday Edition would bring in a buyer with deep pockets to the Gold Coast.   I would show a property (somewhere in the process of completion), effect closure and move on to the next.  Real estate advertising and marketing has rapidly morphed into a huge business of global importance employing multiple delivery channels and requiring more effort on the part of the salesperson and/or brokerage to reach targeted customers.



I am a creative as well with a passion for music and photography.  I have been a photographer since the 1950’s using a fully-manual bellows Kodak camera to shoot B&W stills.  Graduated to 35mm (MF with light meters), 110 (Rollei), Polaroid and now digital.  There is a state-of-the-art digital photo studio in my home.  I shoot with various cameras, lenses and accessories including: Canon, HP, Olympus (film only) for in-studio production and for location shoots.  I reference videotape using a SONY HandyCam.  In the old days, I had to wait weeks for photos and snapshots to be developed.  I was lucky to get one or two great shots from a few rolls.  Today, AF has a whole different meaning with respect to digitizing images and developing these images.  The back-end is computer-powered and provides me with high-end capabilities for photo retouch, after-effects, post-processing and animations etc.  I use HP printing and CD/DVD duplication devices.



Properties in these Hampton communities are typically high value and price varies by degree of proximity to the water, with the highest priced homes on the ocean, then the bay, then mainland bay front, mainland canal front, water view etc. in addition to usual variables such as acreage, architecture, size, amenities, schools, accessibility, etc. and unusual such as uniqueness, rarity or past celebrity ownership.  The property in this photo journal is one that is a "trophy property".  Shooting this project enhanced my position as a new millennial realtor.  Here I wanted to learn how to shoot high-end real estate to convey imagery that could reinforce concept and copy.  On another level, it allowed me to rekindle my interest in design and construction.


The Point - A photojournalist tour of the development at 59 Shore Road, Westhampton NY

Two Years and Counting – 2006 - 2008

Mr. Stephen Haymes afforded me the rare opportunity to capture the ongoing development of this project over its course as a photographer and consultant.  What follows are select photos and first-blush comments from this 18 month assignment that reflect and faithfully represent the process I observed on “film”.  These images document the quality of construction and care used to build what will become a true landmark Hampton residence.



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