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Carmine L. Calabro Jr. 

Carmine plays various instruments including: Keyboards, Woodwinds, Percussion, Synthesizers, MIDI, etc.  He had success as a composer, arranger and producer in the US and in Europe during the 1970's and 1980's.   His most notable commercial, although controversial, musical achievement in the US was the Atlantic Records album Herbie Mann & Fire Island.  The album was released in the late Summer of 1977 and remained on the charts through the Spring of 1978.  

"A Sizzling Slice of New York Soul" - Kurt Loder - 1978


Herbie MannCarmine Calabro

Top 10 Jazz Charts - Top 100 Pop Charts - in 5 Weeks - Top 100 Jazz Oldie 2004

Re-Released 2001 - 2002 on CD by Collectables/Oldies with Bird In A Silver Cage

Re-Released in 2003 In Box Set: The Best of The Atlantic Years - Herbie Mann

Top Rated Pick Release in Billboard, RECORD WORLD and Cash Box in 1977

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Herbie Mann & Fire Island - Atlantic SD 19112

Herbie returns with a cooking, disco-flavored assortment of seven tunes.  Fire island is essentially a vocal trio with one member also contributing on synthesizer.  As usual, producer Mann has lined up a galaxy of top New York sidemen, giving the album a superbly polished sound.  Best cuts: “Once I Had A Love,” “Welcome Sunrise, “”In The Summertime, “” You Are The Song.”

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Fire Island - Herbie Mann

With arranger/conductor Carmine Calabro, Jr., Mann has come up with the kind of solid disco oriented package that has a warm, summer aura but will sound good regardless of the time of year.  Googie Coppola and Arnold McCuller make up the Fire Island group along with Calabro and provide the vocals.

brazilian hair

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Herbie Mann & Fire Island

When Herbie Mann opens up both sides of a new album with elongated disco songs, one has to notice that a premier jazz flautist is into some new bags.  Actually, Herbie has made some new friends in the jazz/R&B musicians of Fire Island, a trio of instrumentalists that includes a classy lead vocalist named Googie Coppola.  The mixture is exotic and tasteful and, while it may offend some jazz purists, it is sure to win numerous new converts with its blend of jazz, R&B and disco influences.

Ace Adams

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Herbie Mann & Fire Island

Herbie Mann is a well-known jazz flutist that has chosen to front this trio named Fire Island, composed of Carmine Calabro Jr, Googie Coppola and Arnold McCuller.  With Calabro the principal writer this album is a tight up-tempo fusion of jazz with rhythm and blues, and the cuts: “Once I Had A Love”, “ Welcome Sunrise,” ”You Are The Song,” should win wide acclaim for the group.

Fire on the Island - February 14, 1978 - By Kurt Loder

Carmine Calabro, a native of Freeport and just possibly the hottest living musician on Long Island, was the motive force behind Herbie Mann and Fire Island, an Atlantic LP released late last summer which he wrote virtually all of the music, did the arrangements, played some super-scintillating keyboards, and then convinced Mann, a long-time idol, to blow flute over the top of it all.  It was hailed as Herbie’s best record in years and even crossed over to the pop charts - at 101 with a bullet - just four weeks after its release.   Calabro started working studio sessions around the country for every label that would give him a listen (which included Atlantic, Bell, Arista, Columbia, Epic, Mercury, Motown and Stax). Herbie Mann and Fire Island is a sizzling slice of New York soul, adroitly balanced with a variety of styles and moods.  And even though it didn’t get the right promotion to make Carmine a star, it did prove that he’s got the goods.



New Albums On The Hit Parade 

Herbie  Mann & Fire Island

Mann’s last few albums were teases; although they pleased, they showed very little chops.  Whether reggae or disco or jazz, it was watered down - listen to his “Hi Jack” and the original by Barabbas.  But now, Mann and Fire Island (Carmine L. Calabro Jr., Googie Coppola and Arnold McCuller) get down to some true grit, primary because it’s Calabro’s music and foresight.  The opening 7:48 “Rhythmatism” is a probing track with a firm propulsive bottom, and when it’s time for Mann to solo, his flute flies. 

Even though he employs his normal sessionists behind Fire Island, the disk is hot, as fiery as anything Mann has waxed in this decade.  And it’s diversified, with an Average White Band-type funk (“Once I Had a Love”) sung by McCuller; a light-headed disco-jazz (“Summer Strut”) with a Silver Convention-sounding chorus, a salsa/ska version of Mungo Jerry’s “ In the Summertime” that’s a bit too understated; a pretty ballad (“You are the Song”) with Googie singing; and just Mann’s flute and Sammy Figueroa on conga for a beautiful “Flute Love”.  But “Welcome Sunrise” Falters for most of its eight minutes, with it’s “Hair”-like aura and with Mann’s flute standing out even if it doesn’t follow the musical flow.  Herbie Mann and Fire Island is a welcome change of pace for the flutist, primary because the members of Fire Island are in command throughout.

Music - Friday, January 13, 1978 - By Wayne Robins

Long Island clubs aren’t known for showcasing first-rate jazz artists.  But tonight and tomorrow night a promising but little known composer, arranger and keyboard player from Babylon will lead a trio in Hicksville.  Carmine Calabro had some national success a few months ago as leader of a group called Fire Island.  The band released a fine album of melodic funk on Atlantic Records with Flutist Herbie Mann, called, not surprisingly, “Herbie Mann and Fire Island”.  But though Mann played flute on most of the tracks, most of the album was composed, arranged and performed by Calabro.  Though he is working now in the timely arena of highly rhythmic jazz with a rock touch, Calabro gives a lot of credit to his formal musical training.  During the crucial first weeks of release, the album hit the top 10 on the jazz charts and nearly broke the top 100 on the pop charts.

Herbie Mann and Fire Island 

Whenever a jazz artist embraces more commercial music, he/she is bound to be lambasted by purists in the jazz press. Herbie Mann was no exception -- when he tried to sell more records by embracing commercial funk, soul and disco in the mid- to late 1970s, the flutist was denounced as a sellout by many jazz critics and received one scathing review after another from them. One of the albums that was attacked the most was Herbie Mann and Fire Island, an overtly commercial, club-minded disco/soul LP.  

Because this release has nothing to do with jazz, it's silly to judge it by jazz standards -- although many jazz critics of the late 1970s did exactly that. Instead, one must judge Herbie Mann and Fire Island by disco/soul standards, and when those standards are applied, it's clear that the album is generally likable, if unspectacular and uneven. Although Mann produced the LP, most of the writing was done by the vocal trio Fire Island (which consists of Carmine Calabro, Jr. Googie Coppola, and Arnold McCuller).  

The best track is the dreamy yet funky "Welcome Sunrise," which brings to mind the R&B that Roy Ayers was providing at the time. Lush disco numbers like "Summer Strut" and "Rhythmatism" are fairly catchy, although not breathtaking. Herbie Mann and Fire Island isn't the atrocity that many jazz critics described it as being -- however, it isn't one of Mann's more memorable commercial projects either. ~ Alex Henderson

Oh, My! That's a Whole Lotta Mann!

Jazz Times Magazine JAZZ NEWS

1/5/2002 Christopher Porter

In the never-ending quest to put every jazz musician in a box, the always-enticing Collectables label has collected the 20 best albums from flutist Herbie Mann's Atlantic years, where he worked primarily from 1960 to 1985, and put them into Super Mann, a 13-CD, 165-track collection with extensive liner notes. The box hits stores on Feb. 5, 2002, or it can be ordered from Collectables at 

Mann's funky muse grew out of a bebop beginning, and he plays clarinet and tenor sax, but he's best known for his flute chops and groovy bossa nova albums in the '60s and slick fusion hits in the '70s. Put on your turtle neck or strap on your mini skirt-or do both; whatever, babies, just feel good!-to swing with these albums included in Super Mann:

Turtle Bay




Bird in a Silver Cage

Fire Island

Right Now

Latin Fever

Our Mann Flute

Impressions of the Middle East

The Beat Goes On

The Herbie Mann String Album


Hold On, I'm Comin'

Herbie Mann & Tamiko Jones: A Mann & A Woman

Herbie Mann & Joao Gilberto

Live at the Whiskey a Go Go

Mississippi Gambler

Super Mann

Yellow Fever

AMG Album Review

Released 2002 by Collectables

The Best of the Atlantic Years - Herbie Mann

Avg. Rating 5

The Best of the Atlantic Years isn't a slim volume of hits from Memphis Underground, Push Push, and other top LPs of Herbie Mann's 25-year period at Atlantic. It's actually a 14-disc box set including all of Collectables' two-fer collections (a total of 20 original LPs), most of those being low-profile albums Atlantic had no wish to reissue properly (Memphis Underground and Push Push are two of the releases not present). Ranging from Mann's early-'60s obsession with the bossa nova all the way to his late-'70s flirtations with disco, The Best of the Atlantic Years is a sprawling collection of sub par jazz-pop and crossover. A bare few of the albums have historical interest: 1965's Recorded in Rio de Janeiro features João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim, while 1969's Live at the Whisky A-Go-Go sports Mann's crack group of the time (Roy Ayers on vibes, Sonny Sharrock on guitar, Miroslav Vitous on bass) sounding woefully under-utilized grinding out period riffs and light soul-jazz. Whatever your interest in Herbie Mann, it's far better to grab these CDs one at a time than end up saddled with the Love Boat pastiche of 1977's Fire Island. ~ John Bush

AMG Album Review  - Herbie Mann and Fire Island -

AMG Rating

Genre: Jazz 

Tones: Stylish, Amiable/Good-Natured, Laid-Back/Mellow, Refined/Mannered, Rollicking

Styles: Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Crossover Jazz

1.   Rhythmatism (Calabro) - 7:50

2.   Once I Had a Love (Calabro) - 5:09

3.   Summer Strut (Calabro) - 5:54

4.   Welcome Sunrise (Calabro) - 8:02

5.   In the Summertime (Dorset) - 4:53

6.   You Are the Song (Calabro) - 4:53

7.   Flute Love (Mann) - 1:39


Herbie Mann  -  Flute, Producer

Lew Soloff  -  Trumpet

Sam Burtis  -  Trombone

Carmine L. Calabro, Jr.  -  Synthesizers, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Clavinet, Vocal Arrangements

Googie Coppola  -  Vocals

Tom Coppola  -  Keyboards, Arp Strings  

Sammy Figueroa  -  Percussion, Conga

Jerry Friedman  -  Guitar

Armen Halburian  -  Percussion

Kenny Mazur  -  Guitar

Alan Rubin  -  Trumpet

Allan Schwartzberg  -  Drums

Bobby Warner  -  Engineer, Remixing

Jimmy Young  -  Drums

Arnold McCuller  -  Vocals

Alfred G. Vanderbilt, Jr.  -  Engineer

Paula Bisacca  -  Art Direction

Stanley Martucci  -  Cover Illustration

Wilbur Bascomb, Jr.  -  Bass

Jaroslav Jakabovic  -  Sax (Baritone)

Cheryl Greisbach  -  Cover Illustration

Bird in a Silver Cage/Fire Island  2002

 Average Customer Rating:

- Amazing Instrumentals

Rhythmatism and Summer Strut are incredible dance-oriented tracks. You Are The Song features an amazing female vocalist (Googie Coppola). The Munich tracks are much less vibrant although Birdwalk is a very haunting track.

Euro Disco News


Old-Skool Jazzy & Funky Stuff

Herbie Mann & Fire Island : Rhytmathism : Atlantic 1977
Unique mixture of tribal rhythms and disco sounds

Really slamming is the Euro version 'Fire Island Extended Mix' with its retro grooves and house breaks


Herbie Mann - Winner 10 Years Down Beat Readers Poll - 1961 - 1970

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1967 Down Beat Readers Poll        1966 Down Beat Readers Poll    1965 Down Beat Readers Poll
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1961 Down Beat Readers Poll


Songwriter/Composer: CALABRO CARMINE L JR 

Current Affiliation: BMI

CAE/IPI #: 39294755


Work       Title                                                       BMI Work #

  Click Below To Listen To The Full Version Of This Classic European Dance Release


 1.        BODY WORK - 135050 - PYE RECORDS UK TOP 10 DISCO 1978


 2.        DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN - 309326 - UNICEF





 7.        MOONWALK - 1008864 - Mikina Music

 8.        NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU - 1081136 - Mikina Music

 9.        ONCE I HAD A LOVE - 1117075 - ATLANTIC RECORDS

 10.      PROTOSYNTHESIS - 1207976 - Mikina Music

 11.      REAL THING - 1233272 - Mikina Music


 13.      STRATOSFUNK - 1418949 - Mikina Music


 15.      TRYIN' TO HOLD ON - 1551786 - Mikina Music


 17.      WHAT'S IN STORE - 1636763 - MERCURY RECORDS  


Click Below To Listen To The Full Version This Herbie Mann & Fire Island Atlantic Release



UNICEF Contribution Acknowledged

In recognition of their continuing work for UNICEF, culminating in the 1977 annual Halloween “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” program, Atlantic recording artists Herbie Mann and Carmine Calabro of Fire Island, were awarded Certificates of Appreciation at the United Nations last week.  Calabro was named Deputy Ambassador for Good Will as a result of the 30 second spot announcements he recorded for UNICEF, which have been distributed to 134 R&B stations across the U.S., and more than a half-dozen discotheque fund-raising parties in which he’s participated.  U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young hosted the presentation of the certificates as the two raised nearly $4 Million for UNICEF during the holiday. 

He remains the family steward of the Costello/Calabro 1928 Scholarship Fund at Barnard College/Columbia University.

Carmine L. Calabro Jr.

Behavioral Scientist

Married in 1978.  A father in 1979 and in 1981.  Carmine began another journey, returning to academia, not to complete his formal studies in music but to complete a rigorous program in interdisciplinary social sciences (Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Sociology) at SUNY Old Westbury.  He obtained his Masters in Sociology in the PhD program (Abd.) while on graduate fellowship at The State University at Stony Brook.  Carmine developed a unique approach to using music theory as a teaching tool for math and science.  The book entitled, "The Rhythm of Our Lives": Theoretical Music for the New American - deconstructs music into math using the time and frequency components - melody, harmony, rhythm - inherent in the language.  He gave a series of lectures and seminars as a graduate instructor showing how music can be used as a teaching tool to strengthen and reinforce intelligence and learning.  

Several academic papers authored and presented by Carmine included analyses of music and other academic papers reference him as an expert .  

A note worthy paper "Between The Acts - Dissonance and Dissidence", was written with his advisor Dr. Lewis A. Coser.  This Masters thesis dealt with the social construction of music.  The paper was based on an interdisciplinary study of the politics, economics and musical forms of the Weimar to Nazi transition.  Carmine presented this work at an international conference for Politics and The Arts sponsored by The New School for Social Research and Harvard University in 1984. His studies in the sociology of the family (in seminar with Dr. Rose L. Coser) combined with studies in quantitative methods (with Dr. O. A. Collver) led to the development of a sophisticated multivariate mathematical model and structural equations sets showing how women determine patterns of intergenerational mobility that challenged the prevailing theories of status attainment.  Carmine received awards for teaching and academic excellence in addition to program service.  As a graduate student he taught classes in research methods, statistics, mass communications and computer aided research.  

Carmine L. Calabro Jr.

Marketing Scientist 

Carmine embarked on a 20 year professional career in market, advertising & public opinion research in 1985 with marketing research guru and physicist Eric Marder, author of "The Laws of Choice".  At EMA, Carmine would work as a senior research director on massive high-budget large-scale experimental projects for America's largest corporations as part of a team of top behavioral scientists for 5 years.  

He held the position of Market Research Director at Institutional Investor before launching his own firm Group 7 Inc. in 1991 with Lynn Brooks.  Group 7 grew to serve many of the world's most prestigious firms and advertising agencies in less than a decade.  Carmine is listed in Who's Who of Professional Executives and has written several seminal articles on information, research, marketing and business.  His essay on the role and function of "Information and Research in Marketing Credit Cards" was published in the prestigious Thomson Financial journal Card Marketing Magazine in 1998.  He conducted a major study of marital dynamics and family finances in collaboration with Dr. Joan Atwood of Hofstra University: Couples and Finance: This research project investigates levels of differentiation of self and couples, levels of self esteem and couple’s reported marital satisfaction, and couples’ financial behavior as a metaphor for marital dynamics. His latest article "The Relativity of Money" shares his unique observations and perspective on money, consumption and choice behavior.  The article deals with normative orientation, social striving and maintaining social cohesion in the global market economies of the new millennium.  


Carmine L. Calabro Jr.


Carmine consults internationally on marketing, advertising, and public opinion research and business issues.  His year-round country retreat in bucolic Remsenburg, serves as G7 business headquarters and also houses his state-of-the-art digital A/V recording and rehearsal studios.  He also owns and operates various online enterprise subsidiaries of Group 7 Inc. including: Hampton Talent, IMGITalia Studio Nova USA and The Original Music Library.  These new businesses represent integration of art, music, form and function, much like the man behind the company.

Carmine is also a licensed Realtor and Sales Associate with First Hampton International Realty/LIII Group serving all other Hamptons, the North Fork, Manhattan and more.

Contact Info:  Home/Office: 631-325-9625 Cellular: 516-635-2993 E-Mail:                                                                                                      

The Original Music Library                       

Carmine Calabro has made the transition as an analog man in a digital world and from recording in the music and movie studios around the world to his digital studios at home in the Hamptons.  He has reduced his stacks of keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, outboard gear, patch bays, sound and mixing boards, wires and speakers along with a woodwind collection and percussion equipment to a single PC with a MIDI controller, an off-the-shelf sound card, a monitor and a satellite link.  The music studio produces new music and soundtracks; each an original work composed, arranged, performed, produced and engineered by Carmine Calabro. 


Click The Atlantic Records Logo to Learn About The History and Discography of this Label


Producer/Flutist/Jazz Legend - Herbie Mann

e-MAIL: Composer, Arranger, Conductor/Keyboardist - Carmine L. Calabro Jr.


Carmine L. Calabro Jr. - Retrospective Notes


"Herbie Mann And Fire Island" was harshly received by critics and, although disco by nature, wasn't embraced by the club set either.  The album in retrospect is lush, tropical and well done, but reviewers seemed to judge it on jazz terms instead of it's dance appeal. - From The Disco Museum 

Dusty Groove America

A sweet little disco set from Herbie Mann -- recorded in collaboration with the Fire Island soul vocal trio! The group's got a sound that's kind of compelling -- not as sweet or smooth as some of the other disco trios of the time, and with an approach that almost has the voices moving in contrast to one another, playing off harmonies in a mode that's similar to that used on some of the Roy Ayers club tracks of the late 70s. The groove's surprisingly nice on the best numbers -- more funky jazz than throwaway disco -- with plenty of room for Herbie to solo, and some nice use of electric piano as well. Includes the great "Summer Strut", plus the tracks "Rhythmatism", "Flute Love", "You Are The Song", and "Welcome Sunrise". - From Dusty Groove America


Recent Reviews at Yahoo Shopping reference this album and several compositions as outstanding for the "genre" and historicity.

In 2004 of October, this controversial album held the #1 position in Jazz Oldies at after having been re-issued and re-discovered by a new global audience. Available as a compilation with Bird In A Silver Cage or as part of The Best of The Atlantic Years - Herbie Mann Boxed Set.

As more and more people, rediscover this album, the musical arrangements recorded some 30 years ago are finding new life as time goes on.  The Fire Island track: "In The Summertime" is one of the best picks by Proctor & Gamble for a perfect 2007 barbeque in their     e-zine.